Friday, May 21, 2010

One ring. four rings.

During my time in the Caribbean I grew to know and love the Charadrius plovers and why wouldn't I? After all we had loads of species (snowy, Wilson's, semi-palmated and kildeer), they are very approachable, very pretty and full of character. I was pretty pleased therefore to get one on the board for the new island. As was typical of these guys it was a case of finding one and then getting 4.....
ringed plover2

These are ringed plovers (Charadrius hiaticula) which are, though little, a different species from the little ringed plover (Charadrius dubius). Hopefully I'll get one of those soon enough. 4 of these guys turned up in a small flock with some dunlin.

ringed plover

They were busy working the tideline and tucking into all manner of small bugs in a classically busy ploverish way on a beautiful summer's day. I couldn't get the 4th bird in shot too unfortunately. A happy reminder of days gone by and days to come.....

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