Monday, December 14, 2009

Caribbean snow.

There's a much better chance of having a white christmas now I've left the caribbean but we still used to get the odd bit of snow out there: Snowy plovers.....

snowy plover

These were very rare residents for us but there was one corner of one beach on one island that would always come up with the goods. I have seen fledglings there when not with camera but I suspect we probably wouldn't get more than 2 pairs breeding a year. The last time I visited, there were two working the beach together with a few other waders. These pictures don't really show how small these guys are. Very diminutive but also long-legged and light-bodied looking birds, not as "dumpy" as some of the other species in the same genus.

snowy plover2

You can probably see the blue string and the odd bit of plastic amongst the jetsam (or is it flotsam?) on the tide line. This beach is about as far from anywhere as its possible to get in the caribbean and yet the rubbish still washes up every day.

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