Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Five of the best #1

So over on Scienceblogs, Mike (the mad biologist) has had an idea. The concept is that in order to combat growing scientific ignorance bloggers commit to putting up five science links once a week for their audience to enjoy. Well I already know my regular audience are pretty damn sharp but I figure I'd give it a go as an excuse to share some cool links with all of y'all anyway and as my father says "everday's a school day" so we might all learn something interesting.

I doubt I'll remember to do this as regularly as every week but I'll try and keep it fairly regular. Anyhow here's the first five, enjoy:

1.) I plug Darren Naish on the links page for a very good reason; he blogs in great detail about an incredibly diverse number of zoological subjects (I forgive his disinterest in fish and seaslugs for this reason). In this post Darren enters the wonderful world of sheep.

2) At one point I was considering studying archaeology and anthropology at University due to my love of and fascination for both the facts behind and the soap opera like characters who first developed the discipline of paleoanthropology. In this post Afarensis puts the final nail in the ..er..coffin of a coffin-based paleoanthropology myth. The individual stories of many of the sites and fossils mentioned are utterly fascinating.

3) This is kind of science related - read about the project to bring back the Beagle voyage and the new sampling era through which she'll sail here.

4) Tapeworms are cool. Behold.

5) I've spoken about disappearing bumblebees in the past but there's a lot of hype right now about honeybees going awol and how its your mobile phone's fault (apparently Einstein may have said something along the lines of this means we're all doomed (not the phone bit, the bee bit). Here's a detailed post on the subject from the Island of Doubt and here (as a bonus) is a rather nice but not so scientific blog from Bill Maher on the subject.

Hope you enjoyed these, more to come and perhaps if you blog you'll consider sharing some interesting links of your own?

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