Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Tuesday Not Nudi

Running slightly low on slugs til I get access to my archive again so here's something a lot of people mistake for a nudi. This is a flat worm - bedford's flatworm to be precise. In addition to the spectacular green and pinky red striping these have a trick most nudis don't.


If they choose to, they can swim through the water by undulating their bodies. Happily they don't do this often which means when I find one I can relax and take my time setting up the photo. This chap was hidden away on a night dive and remained chilled out as I photographed him by torchlight.


Steve said...

That's one cool looking flatworm, almost looks paisley.

tai haku said...

Thanks Steve - I was dead pleased with him when I found him and my guide was pretty impressed (until he out did me with a gorgeous little froggie a few yards away - we got kind of competitive in our critter finding).

I think this species is fairly widespread as I've seen a couple of others since then.