Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Flight of the bumblebee

Well actually they weren't flying much just kind of drunkenly stumbling from flower to flower on this California sage in the blamy environs of the Eden Project:


Bumblebees are, as I'm sure you know, important pollinators and as such something to be encouraged. Unfortunately here in the UK some species are declining.


More info here at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust


Pam in Tucson said...

Awesome photos! What camera and lens do you use for these? I haven't been online much recently. I need to go back and read all your posts on the Eden Project. I'd love to visit there next time we're home. I read "Bumblebees in Crisis" on the Bumblebee Conservation Trust web site, but I'm still not completely clear on why the bees are dying off. Obviously there's less friendly habitat for them. But are they also dying because of pesticides?

tai haku said...

These were taken with my fuji f810 Pam. Its a lovely little camera for macro. I think the decline is mainly to do with habitat and specifically a lack of food caused by declining wildflower populations. A lot of research is currently going on to try to understand this better I believe.