Friday, May 04, 2007

Death in the sands

This is, if you'll pardon the language, a bastard halibut - I don't know the origin of that name but I can tell you its considered official enough for fishbase. More properly called Paralichthys olivaceus this is a smallish halibut from the indopacific.

bastard halibut

Unlike the flounders we've seen recently but more like the stargazer that lives in the same region this is an aggressive fish eating sand predator. You can just make out some very sharp looking teeth sticking out of its jaw. You'll notice both its eyes are on the right side of its body unlike left eye flounders like the peacock - this page illustrates the larval development and eye migration really nicely. It may be their predatory nature that helps but halibut grow very very big and yet still remain well hidden so it can be rather a shock to come across one whilst diving.

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