Thursday, December 20, 2007

Top 10 Nature moments of 2007

OK - Its not yet December 31st but I thought I'd share my top 10 nature moments of the past year a little early. I'd really like to make this a meme that spreads through the blogosphere so momentarily I'm gonna tag some people....but first here's my own top 10:

  1. Snorkelling with my first and second Whale Sharks in Mexico.

  2. Sharing a newborn Grey Seal's first few minutes in the world.

  3. Using my 'scope to reveal a hidden snipe 15 feet away to a family with young children at the Wildside hide at London Wetlands Centre and hearing each of them say "Wow!! There's a bird right there!"

  4. A surprise visit from a family of Fin Whales en route to a dive site in the Sea of Cortez.

  5. Watching a pair of tiny dorsal fins break the surface of the water between me and the shore as 2 baby lemon sharks did their Jaws impression whilst I was fishing the sand flats.

  6. Watching Flamingos from my balcony at breakfast.

  7. Seeing an enormous Scalloped Hammerhead shark cross in front of us whilst diving El Bajo followed shortly after by 70 or so of its friends passing all around us and then watching my girlfriend's underwater "I've just seen schooling hammers" victory dance.

  8. Being used as a hunting blind by an American Kestrel to catch an anole 3 feet behind me as I tried to photograph it.

  9. Seeing goldcrests picking bugs from the needles of the bristlecone pine my dad planted next to our living room window - great views of a tiny bird.

  10. Being grabbed by an inquistive octopus whilst exploring a ferry wreck.

I tag the 10,000 birds posse; Birdchick, Patrick of Hawk Owl's Nest, Amy of Wildbird on the Fly and Gloria of Pollinators Welcome and ask them to share their top 10 nature moments but if you want to share yours feel free. No real rules for this meme just list 10 awesome moments you enjoyed this year and if you want tag some people. If you drop me a link to your list in the comments hereto I'll produce a full linky list of all who participate which might be a useful little list for nature lovers - remember one of your unique moments of this year could be someone else's best moment next year!


Patrick B. said...

Those all sound amazing. I think my underwater dance would have been because I had crapped my pants out of fear.

I'll be sure to post mine tomorrow.

tai haku said...

Wow! That was fast Patrick - looking forward to your list!

Anonymous said...

Sounds good, Tai. We'll respond with pleasure.

birdchick said...

I'll post mine, but it might take a few days--2007 isn't over yet.

I like the flamingos from the balcony.

Anonymous said...

Unbelievable mental images-and I wasn't even there! I think I understand alot more about your interest in sustainably farmed fish now.

Thanks for sharing!

tai haku said...

Thanks for participating guys!

Rob - thanks for dropping by - you're correct, I love seafood but don't want people to trash my playground!

Gloria said...

Sorry it has taken awhile to respond. My backyard will seem tame next to your adventures but should be up by the end of day.
I so love your blog!

Unknown said...

Great idea!

here's mine:

Happy New Year!


Here is mine

John B. said...

Here is mine, posted this morning.