Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Leviathan (part 1)

Before the sharks, whales. Fin whales to be precise, a family pod of mum, baby and what I guess was baby's older sibling. Fin Whales aka Finbacks aka Razorbacks aka Balaenoptera physalus are awesome looking streamlined rorquals. Kind of like a mini-blue whale. Of course when I say "mini" the Fin Whale is the second largest living animal on the planet.


As you can imagine having the second largest living animal on the planet surface next to your boat is kind of humbling, awe-inspiring and magical. Especially as at one point there were only 8,000 left in the north pacific (at risk of pre-empting the sharks these whales are from the sea of cortez population). How close did they surface? Well that's their blow all over the camera lens below.


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