Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Mission accomplished...sorta

Well I'm back and I succeeded in getting awesome views of both the unusual sharks I mentioned I was targetting. Unfortunately due to a dead camera I only got good shots of one of the two but more of both will be revealed shortly....

In the meantime here's the last image my camera produced before dying. This is a giant or fine spotted jawfish. Now at this point I was going to refer to my post about the normal jawfish but it turns out I never got round to doing one (its now on the to do list) but take it from me this is the big boy of the family and is not a sock puppet (although its a similar size to one).


One thing that's eally cool about these guys is they are fussy about their burrows so if you move a pebble too close to the burrow they come and spit it out so you can play fetch with them like a dog. They also like having their chins tickled. I would show you pics/video of all this hilarity but see paragraph 2 sentence 1 above.


Amy said...

"They also like having their chins tickled."

Too weird (c:

tai haku said...

I know - imagine a small sock puppet shaped dog that lives in a burrow underwater.

Actually I shouldn't say they as I have't seen many but this one did.