Friday, October 26, 2007

Magic Carpet Ride

So I'm off tomorrow for a week looking for some fairly unusual sharks. In the meantime here's a very unusual shark from down under. Wobbegongs or Wobbies are common around australia in a number of species and tend to be found well disguised in the shallows. They account for a lot of australian "attacks" when people stand on them.


I found this one and another in the last 5 minutes of my final dive in Oz having failed miserably to see one for 4 days previously. Actually this one had to be pointed out to me as I was photographing another shark and unwittingly hovering with my groin about a foot from its mouth! It looks fairly obvious in this photo but trust me actually spotting them is surprisingly hard.

Anyways thats it from me for a little while but expect cool stuff in a week's time. Very cool stuff.

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