Thursday, April 05, 2007

These ain't lawn ornaments

OK, so these pictures are rubbish, taken as they were at a range of about half a mile through a scope at 60X zoom but hey, bottom line, Caribbean Flamingo is now on my birds seen from the house list!


It joins about 12 other species on that list and is the 57th national tick since moving here. Much cooler than those plastic lawn flamingos, no?


Edit: I and the Bird is now up here. I'll have to wait a while to read it as I'm going away for the Easter break.


Dorky Dad said...

I agree. Those are much cooler than lawn ornaments. And they're at the perfect distance, too, because I don't think flamingos SMELL all that good, either.

At least they don't in the zoo. I've never lived with flamingos. Or flamingo lawn ornaments.

tai haku said...

Flamingos do stink a bit its true - they also seem to favour rather malodorous habitat which doesn't help.