Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Its alright Ma, the laptop's only bleeding....

First thing's first - my laptop has suddenly and rather decisively stopped working necessitating a break in posts whilst it is fixed or replaced. This is particularly frustrating because a) I just got back from a trip with some cool images and stories to share and b) because I suspect I may be getting a few new visitors as a result of Amy featuring my short story as winner of First Friday at Wildbird on the Fly (a result that I am both most surprised and honoured by). If you are a new visitor; welcome and my apologies for the impending radio silence - in the meantime I hope you'll enjoy the archives and/or some of the blogs in the links page. If you're a regular please keep checking back - one way or another this state of affairs will be brief. With that rather depressing development addressed here's a draft I had on the board before my picture archive was temporarily locked down:

Someone recently suggested herons are one of the most overimaged bird groups on the planet. Why? Well they're mostly big and they have a handy tendency to stand still. I've blogged previously about how green herons were smaller than I expected but they still stand still.

Green Heron2

As I crept closer to this chap all he did was crane his neck a bit to check me out.

Green Heron1

Coming up on our return bird pictures not involving snipe or herons (well actually there may be another heron shortly if I can find it again).


MissGoldBug said...

Beautiful pics of a green heron... I didn't even know they existed! I've only seen the blue variety! Exquisite pictures!

tai haku said...

Hey Missgoldbug, thanks. The blue variety is a bit more obvious by virtue of their size! Although fairly common these chaps are smallish skulkers so easy to miss. One I hadn't seen scared the life out of me taking off this morning.