Saturday, April 14, 2007

All of a sudden, all birds, all the time.

Well the laptops still down so posts for the immediate future will be drafts already up and recently taken pics which means mostly birds for the future. Having whined about how few bird species we get I've racked up a load of new species of late. One of which was this, the ruddy turnstone.

ruddy turnstone2

Having sturggled to get these photos of a small and skittish group of 3 at my regular mangrove haunt, I took a trip last weekend to another island and came across a flock that live like London pigeons running among the legs of tables and patrons of a beach cafe.

ruddy turnstone

I guess that goes to show how adaptable they are. The only thing that remotely disturbed them was the silhouette of one of the island's Osprey (not photographed: argh!). These are (I think) just entering into breeding plumage so it will be interesting to see what happens next. To come in the near future: kestrels, rails, herons, octopi and shark #24. Normal service should be resumed next week.

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John said...

I like the framing of the turnstone on top.