Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Tuesday Nudi

If this chap seems familiar its because he/she (nudis are hermaphrodites) used to reside on my blogroll links page but has recently been replaced. With that in mind I thought this was nice enough to warrant a tuesday nudi entry all of its own.


This is Chromodoris annae. A number of Chromodoris show the yellow, black orange blue combo but annae has the clear blue pannel without stripes which in my view makes its patterning less cluttered and particularly aesthetic. Of course like all these species the aesthetics are there to signify horrible they taste but since I have no intention of eating them I can enjoy.

In other news, check back tomorrow (Wed) evening for some properly exciting avian developments.


T. Beth said...

What a lovely, totally 60's mod-colored nudi!

tai haku said...

I hadn't spotted the mod colour scheme until you mentioned it, perhaps they should rename the related Chromodoris quadrocolor as C. quadrophenia!

Neil said...

Nice blog tai,
I've got 2 separate blogs for birds


Bonaire trip video coming soon!