Thursday, June 23, 2011

Chilli Review - C. baccatum " Lemon Drop"

A hot, citrussy pepper as its name suggests; fruit are genuinely hot (too hot for me to eat raw) but with good initial flavour (there is a burst of bright, citrus flavour at first taste).

Lemon drop
The bright yellow fruit are very attractive but I found these to be a really messy droopy medusa's head of a plant. It germinated easily and grew strongly - I got a lot of fruit from a single plant in the end although the plant itself never got very big due to its droopy habit.

Lemon Drop

Anyone growing hanging baskets may want to consider sticking one of these in one to droop over the side and thereby show off those yellow pods. I got my seeds from Real Seeds.

salsa di aji limo  

I used all my lemon drops to make this salsa recipe by famous heirloom seed guru William Woys Weaver. According to him it's a recipe from Peru; used specifically with this variety hence my posting it here. All I know is it's amazing.


Floridacracker said...

Those are beautiful.

tai haku said...

I think there may be some you'll like even more on the way soon FC!