Sunday, June 26, 2011

Developments over the weekend.

 London's Globe Theatre is awesome. If you're in London visiting, bin off the west end stuff and shakespeare-up Elizabethan-style. Tis epic. Unlike this cameraphone shot (pre-performance).
Cool asides - there's few finer places to enjoy a glass of pimms than outside the Globe post or pre-performance. There's also few finer places to get a view of the sun setting on the thames, the millenium bridge and St Paul's. All in all, it's a pretty legendary way to spend an evening in London (plus I understand they're about to put on Dr. Faustus by Elizabethan James Bond/PZ Myers hybrid and badass Christopher Marlowe).

Other London developments? Hyde Park is a great place right now to see the Caucasian Wingnut in flower/seed/fluorescence (there are a few looking great). Also what I think was Acer carpinifolia looking good and a few big Magnolias and so on still holding flower. Worth a walk although I still haven't connected with the Hyde Park tawny owls.

Meanwhile back on the ranch....
PDN is flowering....

Tomatoes are ripening.....

and mycelium is spreading.....
(that's shot through the plastic casing so forgive the blur please).

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Lucy said...

Most certainly a post of contrasts.


P.S. Strangely, the WV is 'mycel'.