Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Saddleback trio

I'm sure I've posted some of these rarer anemonefish before and yet I can't seem to find them and I'd hate to deprive you so....

This is a trio of Amphiprion polymnus, the saddleback clown. The reason for the name is obvious from the white markings and, if I say so myself, this trio I found are particularly well-marked with a deep colouration and crisp lines that would make them very desirable to aquarists keen on the species. I think these are either from west Malaysia or the Philippines - it's an old photo and I saw the species in both places.

saddleback clown 

The anemone is one of the giant carpet species (Stoichactus sp.) but I don't know which. As you can see from the head of the right hand clown I lit it rather harshly - I don't think it was quite this gooey-bit of an aftereight colour in life.

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