Monday, March 28, 2011

Thinking big....

Remember my golden oyster mushroom grow? Kitten-related interference? These guys?


Thought you would. Everyone thinks the kitten is hilarious even though he's clearly plotting against me...Anyway, this disgusting ball of goo was what was left after the kit had finished flushing. I decided to think big and try and get another grow out of it.


I used half of it to (hopefully) seed a bag full of newspaper that had been soaked in boiling water. Time will tell how that works out. Oyster mushroom mycelium is an exceptionally aggressive coloniser of substrate so if all goes well it should spread through the newspaper and I may get what is effectively another growkit.  I also decided to think a little bigger. This is going to be my pumpkin patch for next year (I say pumpkin; I actually mean mini-pumpkin, spaghetti squash, winter squash and courgette [zuchini for you americans] patch with a few beans and achocha). I just mulched it with a layer of straw. Oyster mushrooms love straw......


So I spread a little mycelium through one corner of the straw. I'm not ambitious enough to expect it to colonize the entirety of the straw and produce pound after pound of mushrooms; that would be crazy. If it does anything at all I'll be surprised. Time will tell however. Time will tell. If the new growout works, I'll keep repeating the spawnings into the straw to see if I can get it to take. I'm also considering trying Red-Wine Stropharia at the other end. Lets see how it goes. As for the pumpkin aspects of the patch? Say hello to the world "Jack-be-little"...

Jack be little

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