Thursday, April 29, 2010

Check me - I'm foraging!

I've been dropping the odd blogpost from time to time on the subject of food plants and animals, be they wild, domesticated or somewhere between the two. The "natural diet" of Homo sapiens simply fascinates me. This is a wild plant which falls particularly interestingly into our diet.

sea beet

It is Sea Beet (Beta vulgaris) and is apparently delicious. It is also abundant in places here and accordingly I harvested some of this bunch immediately after this photo - I'll report back when I've tried it but it is rated by a number of people on the island very highly. You, like me at this stage, probably haven't tried it but you, like me, have probably tried its descendents. Be it beetroot, swiss chard, silver beet, perpetual spinach or sugar (as derived from sugar beet) you've almost certainly partaken of Beta vulgaris.

sea beet

It fascinates me that such a staple of our diets still grows in rich abundance in our countryside. I'm also fascinated to see what it tastes like!

Edited to add: Tastes awesome. Stirfried with a little garlic its like a denser, more flavoured, spinach. "Spinach+" if you will.

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