Tuesday, April 06, 2010

New life

Traditionally in the Haku household the Easter long weekend is spent planting up the vegetable garden so that's how I spent today. Nothing to see yet of course but in the meantime here's some shots of new life bursting forth inside.

These are chilli seedlings. A mix of Capsicum baccatum "lemon drop" and Capsicum annum "Fish"

fish lemon drop

These are more of the same with a load of Capsicum baccatum "Dedo de Mocha" on the right and with a few mouse melons and west indian gherkins in the middle.


I also have a few chilli plants that I purchased pre-germinated as small plants. In order of heat (from mild to near nuclear).......

Capsicum annum "Hungarian hotwax"
Capsicum annum "Hungarian hotwax"

Capsicum annum "Jalapeno"

Capsicum annum "Jalapeno"

Capsicum annum "Fresno Supreme"

Capsicum annum "Fresno supreme"

Capsicum chinense "Scotch Bonnet"

Capsicum chinense "scotch bonnet"

Capsicum chinense "Orange Habanero"

Capsicum chinense "orange habanero"

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