Monday, August 24, 2009

What's been happening, what's goig to happen.

A quick round up post as I sit around trying to work out why we still have no water (a peril of Caribbean life):

Owl news - having told you we had no owls in the owl box this year, one showed up last week. We had a brood of jackdaws in the box earlier in the year so the question remains whether this is a late brood or just a roosting bird. We will see.

More owl news - we had a ringing return on one of last year's offspring too. Unfortunately it was found dead by the side of a road about 7 miles from the nest box, presumed to be a roadkill. This unfortunately claims a lot of young owls in our region.

Remember my hopes for a great hammerhead around the island? One turned up today next to the dive boat. Unfortunately it being a weekday I was in the office. We are diving some new sites this week and next so maybe we'll get lucky, though I doubt it. We should at least see some newish stuff.

I feel like there is something else I should have remembered for this update....but I've forgotten what it is.

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