Monday, June 16, 2008

Owl update

So after a while with not much to report from my parent's owl box; big news. The day finally came when the owls were deemed big enough for their first jewellry; the ringers visited last thursday (you must be licensed to ring barn owls in the UK btw - they are a schedule one protected species). Here's one of the fluff balls getting some bling.

Until now we didn't know how many babies were in the box. The ringers found 3 and an infertile egg. There could have been more babies which were eaten by their siblings but it seems unlikely as the parents have been excellent providers.

Uno: The biggest one. Not really sure about having his picture taken.

Duo - this one just looks surly to me.

and Tres - this is the smallest. Should now be big enough to avoid death by canabilistic cainism. Wants to go back to bed.

They should leave the nest in a month or so. We'll continue to keep you informed. Since we're only now in July a second clutch would seem to be a possibility.


Gallicissa said...

These Owlets score high on the cuteness index.

pablo said...

That owl face is fantastic!


I had no idea baby owls looked like that.