Monday, June 16, 2008

Saddle up!

The Anolis lizards are a real feature of life in the caribbean. They come in all shapes and sizes, fill a variety of ecological niches and almost every island has one or two species. I've featured Anolis cristellatus, a few times. This is the other anole I see around the house from time to time, the saddled anole, Anolis stratulus.


As you can see it's much less robust than A. cristellatus, particularly around the head. Its also less of a generalist and hence less common. Just visible on the photo below are the 3 saddle shaped blotches that, I presume, give it its name.


We have at least 2 other Anoles and as I'm now going through the process of rounding up the last few reptile species on the island (I hope) so there may be a few more in future weeks including (hopfully) better photos of the animal below:


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