Sunday, March 23, 2008


Anolis cristatellus is the most common reptile on the island by far and may even be the most common vertebrate. Although it is a pretty small animal big males with their fabulous crests can be a pretty impressive sight.

anolis jousting2

Whilst I was down at the salt pond admiring the waterfowl these two provided quite the distraction in a nearby tree.

anolis jousting

Neither male was willing to back down so we got the full on displays; crests raised, mouths gaping and lots of swelling and stretching to make oneself as big as possible.

anolis jousting3

This went on for some time with scarcely any contact but there was the occasional lunge:

anolis jousting4

I left without seeing the winner as I got the feeling this could have gone on all day. Male pride is a dangerous thing after all.


Mel said...

Amazing pics! I wonder who won..

Gallicissa said...

What a lovely distraction!
You have been just tagged by me. See:

Patrick Belardo said...

It's like Ali v. Frazier all over again.

tai haku said...

Thanks all for the comments
Mel - I suspect the guy on the left won - he seemed more aggressive.
Gallicissa - My 6 words will be up later this week.
Patrick - I think these guys are closer to flyweight than heavyweight but it would probably have gone all 15 rounds.

tai haku said...

PS - Patrick with a bit of luck the heavyweights and perhaps even superheavyweights will be appearing here soon.

Texas Travelers said...

Nature can provide some amazing distractions and enjoyment.
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