Monday, August 10, 2009

London's greens

So at Friday I made the trip I make whenever I visit London to look in on RBG Kew. One of my goals was to take some decent close-up shots of London's Rose-ringed Parakeets. Unfortunately appalling light put paid to any hope of that but I did get some semi-palatable shots of them in the wider surroundings of kew.


This was taken from the new aerial walkway (the official name of which I forget). On the right day this should give fantastic views of a number of bird species. Here you can see the parakeets working a beech with the Temperate House in the background.


Something spooked this group as they took off and circled this sweet chestnut repeatedly before eventually calming down and settling again. No idea what it was that set them off though. I am a little concerned these aliens could become a real pest though, they are so abundant now. Check out this photo I took from the walkway - I count 25 birds!


Anna said...

I get those days too that the light does not cooperates. Wow that many on the tree, that's like having starlings here, lol. Anna

Lucy Corrander said...

It's funny how you take all those wonderful exotic (and underwater!) photos which look so difficult to take and which I so much admire - and a grey day in London stumps you.

I find it quite encouraging too!


Julia said...

Yes, I'm getting the impression the parakeets might be a problem soon. At the moment, they don't seem to be venturing to garden bird-feeders and tables, which at least means most of our native garden birds aren't being out-competed for food. Yet.

I did think of you struggling with the awful weather on Friday, as we had glorious bright sunshine on Saturday!! You must have some great equipment to get close shots of the birds in the trees (it's the Xstrata Treetop Walkway by the way). I can't remember - have you done a post on the kit you use?

Christopher Taylor said...

Take a warning from the Westnern Australian experience, where the rainbow lorikeet is one of Perth's worst invasives, taking over the entire countryside and excluding native species with extreme prejudice. Also, the ring-necked parakeet, while not present in the area, is high on the local conservation department's Most Unwanted list.

Jeremy said...

Good shot of the flock of parakeets. All down to climate change, I say. They are exotic, although it would be a pity if they crowded out all the other birds.

tai haku said...

@ Anna and Jeremy - thanks for your comments.

@ Lucy - I know, I think I've become a little spoiled in my lighting requirements by our bright tropical sunshine.

@ Julia - I've seen reports of them being quite domineering and agressive at feeders already unfortunately. I was talking with a couple at kew who lived nearby and who absolutely hate them. I'm shooting a sigma 50-500mm lens for these shots at about 400mm (handheld)

@ Christopher - I'm inclined to agree; their communal roosting habit may make culling easier but I suspect the little buggers are so charismatic the public will hate it.