Sunday, August 09, 2009


Since I'm currently sat in a small caribbean airport waiting for my flight home I figured I'd post a flight photo.


This european kestrel was just one of several cool raptors I saw whilst in the UK. Unfortunately it is the only one I got anything like acceptable photos of. One of the others is rather awesome though so you'll have to endure superblurry shots of it later. Speaking of the airport on the flight over I bumped into a couple of people wearing Durrell t-shirts who turned out to be part of the team working on protecting Montserrat's Mountain Chickens (which are actually frogs). Nice people doing good work and you can read more about this and other projects here (let this also serve as a lesson in the value of wearing clothes that identify you as a diver/naturalist/birder conservationist when travelling - it lets likeminded folk identify you and engage in nature-related chat)

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