Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy 100th birthday IATB!

Today was the 100th I and the Bird! Its up over at Nature Blog Network where N8 has prepared an award-winning presentation. I can't believe it's really been a 100 editions. I discovered nature blogs within a few weeks of the very first edition and the first one featuring an E,W&W post was #16. Since then two editions have been hosted here (#43 & #70) both of which were laden with bad puns and tenuous movie references. Looking at N8's bumper 100th edition I can't get over just how many high quality posts there are now which is indicative of just how many high quality nature blogs there are. I'm sure IATB has had something to do with this growth and its a testament to Mike, N8 and the whole nature blogging community that each edition gets stronger. Here's to the next 100!

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