Tuesday, March 04, 2008

IATB: Back to the Movies

Welcome back to the I and the Bird multiplex cinema (what took you so long to return?). We've got some great new films in this fortnight. We're still offering Warbler friendly coffee and Hoopoe friendly wine in the lobby refreshments area amongst other SOLE food snacks. Here’s your ticket so once you’ve picked up your refreshments make your way through to the screens and enjoy our feature presentations.

Screen 1: Soft Fruit (1999) - Soft Fruit is, appropriately enough an Aussie film and so the perfect jumping off point to visit Aussie blogger Duncan of Ben Cruachan blog who has been sharing his fruit with Pied Currawongs and Satin Bowerbirds.

Screen 2: The Darwin Adventure (1972) - an excellent docudrama of old-school birder Charles Darwin's life and adventures. As a result of the Beagle expedition Darwin saw South American Ostriches (Rhea) and Greg Laden fills us in on his observations.

Screen 3: One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest (1975) - The Mangrove Cuckoo that is....I didn't find a nest but I did find the bird so I had to go with Jack.

Screen 4: (Double feature) Volcano! (1997) & Krakatoa, East of Java (1942) - We're showing these two because the Zen Birdfeeder (who has a cool blog name) told me there was a volcanic erruption....what? Irruption eh?...Oh. Well that does make more sense for IATB but we don't have any films for Pine Grosbeak irruption (Don't tell me you'd forgotten how bad the puns were last time?).

Screen 5: Life List (2005) (Documentary Short) - Of particular interest to I and the Bird cinemagoers is this 16 minute film about birding and listing. I suspect it would be of particular interest to Peter Kaestner (4th on the all time world listing table with 8100+ species). Amila lives and blogs in an endemic hotspot and hence was lucky enough to help him add Serendib Scops Owl and 6 other lifers to his list.

Screen 6: Citizen Kane (1941) - the eponymous Citizen of the title was not, to my knowledge involved in the Audubon Society's citizen science projects. The birdfreak team let us know the score on the Cerulean Warbler which, thanks to birding citizens, now has its own atlas.

Screen 7: A Bath House Beauty (1914) (Short) -Doug Boude built a bird bath for his backyard buddies which led us to show this vintage Fatty Arbuckle short (ironically one of the few "clean" films with bath in the title).

Screen 8: Predator II (1990) - In this sequel to the Arnie (ahem) classic the predator stalks a US city. Over in DC (the home of A DC Birding Blog), John spends his day watching a number of predators (and their prey) each more interesting than the prosthetic monster.

Screen 9: Shen ying fei yan hu die zhang (aka Eagle Claw vs. Butterfly Palm)(1982) (Chinese dubbed) - Back in August the Ecobirder braved the Eagle's claws to rescue an immature bald eagle. In this post read about how they got to see its triumphant return to the wild. We're putting on this Eagle claw kung fu flick in homage to their good deeds.

Screen 10: The Scarlet Letter (1995) - OK bear with me. The letter is scarlet a shade of red, however as fans of popular science books probably know, Canaries aren't red (unless you do strange things with their parentage), now none of this is particularly relevant as GrrlScientist (who like Ecobirder's eagle has a bad wing - get well soon Grrl) isn't actually blogging about real canaries. She's blogging about metaphorical ones which are actually other birds.

Screen 11: The Ice Storm (1997) - Its pretty icy Walking Prescott right now - ask the Mallards and other birds Granny J saw.

Screen 12: The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Special Triple Bill) - Lord of the Rings is a classic film trilogy and James the Birdman provides us with a twitcher's trilogy of his own. Part one is here.

Screen 13: Pecker (1998) - Unlike John Water's film BES' entry from lovely Singapore is family friendly - they're talking about flowerpeckers.

Screen 14: Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas (1994)(TV) - Why are we showing this dire made-for-tv special at the IATB multiplex? Well partially because like all kids of my generation I'm still in love with Kelly Kapowski but principally because everyone remembers Saved by the Bell for Screech and Rick saw a rather nice screech owl.

Screen 15: Big Fish (2003) - TR (from the faraway nearby) doesn't actually mention Big Fish but considering he was birding some fish ponds I presume there may have been the odd one about.

Screen 16: Spring and Port Wine (1970) - Unlike perhaps the populace of fictional 1970's Bolton, England, Liza Lee of Egret's Nest appreciates the need for spring; she's already got Allen's Hummingbirds lurking amongst her flowering quince (nice plant btw Liza get that in for Berrygoround too).

Screen 17: Spring Fever! (1982) - The Greenbelt's Ridger is of the opinion it might be spring - she has the confused birds to prove it.

Screen 18: Egg Scramble (1950) (animated short) - Wandering Weeta offers mediations on the humble egg.

Screen 19: The Agony of Defeat (1992) (short) - N8 posts about the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat as he watches a red-tail tear up a squirrel's nest. I totally know what he means about squirrels with a sense of entitlement too.

Screen 20: Silence of the Lambs (1991) - My all time favourite movie because of not only Lecter but also Clarice Starling. Of course Starlings aren't just amazing serial killer catching FBI agents, they're the marvellous in nature.

Screen 21: Tarzan in Guatemala (1935) - Well not Tarzan exactly. Our illustrious leader Mike of 10,000 birds hit Guatemala recently, here's the first of many posts to come. The tagline to this film (aka the new adventures of Tarzan) was "The Greatest Tarzan of all Time" can Corey or Charlie confirm if he fits the bill.

Hope y'all enjoyed the show - our next feature will be at the House and other Arctic Musings so don't forget to get those trailers in on time.


tai haku said...

Well here it is - I hope you enjoy it and its not too typo and bad-pun laden. I'm sorry I didn't get to properly thank everyone for their excellent submissions as they came in - my access wouldn't allow it.

Duncan said...

Great show Tai, best movies I've seen for years.

John said...

For the record, Predator II was set in Highland Park, NJ. (I moved, but kept the old blog title.)

The Zen Birdfeeder said...

Fun post! Nice job and thank you!

Patrick Belardo said...

Oh man, Pecker is a hilarious movie... Sorry I missed this one. Brain fart.

Mel said...

Great post! Some reading ahead :)

corey said...

Nice presentation...and I didn't even get sticky stuff on the bottoms of my shoes.

And, yes, I can confirm that Mike fits the bill as Tarzan. In fact, one of the first times I went birding with him he showed up wearing binoculars and a loincloth. :)

Mike said...

Fantastic, Tai. And Corey neglected to mention we were on a winter pelagic. The Dovekie really responded to that "king of the jungle" call!

Birdfreak said...

Wonderful I and the Bird! Great concept and very entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Great show! Thanks for putting it together! Several of these are clear Academy Award nominee quality! Great job all!

Mary said...

Thank you! Now I have some excellent posts to read. Great job.

tai haku said...

Thanks all for the kind comments - cyberhosting y'all is always a pleasure