Friday, April 03, 2009


Hooray - I love opening packages especially when they contain cycad seeds or seedlings. Actually I couldn't open this one as it was delivered to mes parents back in the UK but I got to enjoy the thrill by means of email and pixels.


The plants in question are:
1. Cycas debaoensis (a multipinnate Cycas);
2. Dioon spinulosum (the Giant or Spiny Dioon - I hope this grows into something like this);
3. Cycas elephantipes (the Elephant Foot Sago);
4. Cycas thouarsii (the Madagascan Sago);
5. Cycas simplicipinna (this name means the undivided leaflet cycas which makes no sense at all (as most have undivided leaflets) until you learn it was split out of one of the few that does C. micholitzii);
6. Dioon angustifolium (this is a species relatively recently split out of Dioon edule, it flushes a beautiful silvery blue/grey so one might call it a Silver Dioon); and
7. Cycas diannanensis (Red River Sago).
Would you believe I got each and everyone of these from ebay? The bulk of the Cycas sp. are from Asia where more and more species are becoming recognised and available for growers as research continues apace. They look to be in great condition and at some point in the future I'll be putting up some macro work of each seedling and a little more about the species in question.


Sally said...

Babies!! They're so cute when they're babies... This is fabulous!

I never thought of ebay for cycads. I take it you didn't get them all in a group, though, right? Lots of different auctions?

Want some... Now. Thanks for the tip, Tai!

tai haku said...

These were all from the same guy but each was auctioned individually.

I think a number of growers/collectors auction off spare seedlings or seed on ebay - it helps offset the cost and a lot of species you have to buy seed in bulk.