Sunday, September 21, 2008

One swallow does not a summer make...

I love the english saying in the title. It conjures up images of swallows sweeping across lakes and fields in the height of summer but also of the odd windswept vagrant birds that land out of time and out of luck in the wrong place (speaking of which - how lucky are British birdwatchers right now? all sorts of rare vagrants dropping in).


These 4 swallows certainly aren't representative of summer - a) they aren't here for summer, they just stopped in on their way somewhere warm for winter and b) its actually drizzling here right now. Drizzle. In the caribbean. On a sunday. When I want to go out taking more bird photos. Drizzle. Not intense tropical thunder. Just drizzle. Urgh.


Aiyana said...

The swallow photo is lovely!

tai haku said...

thanks Aiyana!