Sunday, September 21, 2008


After my earlier whining the rain relented enough for me to venture outside and see some birds. We are absolutely overwhelmed with waders right now. Hundreds of tiny peeps and small waders including:
semi-palmated; and
pectoral (lifer, island tick 87!!*) sandpipers;
wilsons plovers;
semi-palmated plovers;

The odd ever-present stilt and yellowlegs were cruising about too with ruddy turnstones also in the mix.

Also the peregrine has just cruised past the house as if to underscore the changing seasons.

* 13 to go to the ton with 4 months til year end - the easy ticks have, with pecsand, effectively run out. my monentum over the past 3 weeks or so has really been built on finally focussing my attention on iding birds I should have got on the list some time ago. I'm not really sure there are another 13 bird species on or around the islands unless I can connect with a fall of migrant passerines which are vastly underepresented on the list for good reason. If I were a betting man, I'd be betting against me right now.

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