Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Cutesy megafauna overload commencing now

I sure hope none of you were checking back regularly for the cute megafauna promised in the previous post - I'm writing this on a computer other than my own and lets just say that access right now is not what it should be.

Anyway here we go. I haven't post any cool pinniped pictures of my own beyond these moody wide angles of the unfortunate triangle of death dwellers sat on seal island because I simply don't have any - truth be told I've seen a fair few seals from a distance and been buzzed a couple of times very briefly by fur seals but never really had a good encounter with them (until recently). I guess for most people this is the typical seal/sealion encounter:


Well I'm here to tell you that doesn't do animals like these california sealions justice. To understand an animal like this you have to see it in its element and for these guys that is the water.


I was going to write more about these guys but there is more to come so I'll save it for a day when my access is less feeble and simply suggest that if you ever get a chance to get in the water with seals or sealions, try it - its awesome (the 70something year old lady on our boat agreed with me).

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