Sunday, November 18, 2007


I'm travelling right now and had planned to continue posting whilst I did so - in fact I preprepared a few posts to allow me to keep the site flowing easily (or at least I thought I did) but now I can't seem to find them; perhaps I dreamt it. Any way I almost blundered on to a rather nice twitch on thursday but the Slavonian Grebe everyone was after had done one. Oh well - I do have a few pics with the new camera to share (and hopefully will have a few more by the time I get back). In the meantime here's another long-nosed hawkfish (old post here).


I was a little surprised to see these pretty little hawks in Mexico - all the way across the pacific from where I usually see them. They were quite abundant too; favouring corals growing off the vertical sides of wrecks in particular. I have a rather bad habit of chopping the noses off these guys when I photograph them by trying to frame them too tightly but happily this one posed in such a way that he remains intact in the ensuing photo. I did find an unbelievably cute baby LNH (as we call them) but it somehow disappeared before my eyes. Its amazing how bright pink and white patterning can actually be effective camouflaged. More mega-fauna (cute megafauna no less) in the next post.

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