Monday, October 22, 2007

A shot from today

So we had about as good a dive day as you have any right to expect here today. I saw some cool little stuff but we hit with the big animals too: turtle, shark and rays and then we had bottlenose dolphin on the ride home! Unfortunately (as is often the case with cruising big animals photos weren't forthcoming). The exception was the shark; a 6 foot nurse that dropped over the top of the reef wall in front of me and promptly bolted. After trying and failing to alert my fellow divers to what is a fairly rare site here I fired off a single record shot. See her?


Here I've outlined her....

nurse copy

Still can't see her (it is a shocking shot)? Here's a close-up.


I've complained about my luck with nurse sharks before but sooner or later I must catch one asleep so I don't have to bore you with these appalling long-range shots. Some much better shots of some much smaller animals tomorrow.

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