Sunday, July 08, 2007

8 facts meme

Amy tagged me with the Eight Random Facts meme. Here are the rules of the meme:
- Players write a post with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
- At the end of that post, they "tag" eight bloggers to write similar posts, including the rules.
- The players then leave a comment to tell the "tag-gees" about the meme.

Et voila:
  1. I can still recall the first piece of proper music anyone ever played me. It was a song called the Power of Love by Johnny Cash (not the same as the Frankie Goes to Hollywood tune). Not his best output but to this day when I need to think something through some Cash goes on the stereo.
  2. I was once shipwrecked in what the Danish government referred to as "a maritime incident in the South China Sea." Described like that it sounds a lot more dangerous and exciting than what it was but I still wasn't very happy with those responsible.
  3. I would very much like to raise my own pigs from piglet to parma ham at least once at some point in my life.
  4. I think the Lord of the Rings may be the most overrated literary piece in history.
  5. I would quite like to either a) shave my head or b)grow my hair very long; I can do neither because a) my head looks ridiculous without hair and b) my hair grows into tight curls once it gets beyond a certain length.
  6. If I won the lottery tomorrow the first thing I'd do is plant a very large arboretum as my legacy to the world.
  7. I am more than capable of spending a whole weekend on the sofa watching 2 full days of test match cricket (test match cricket being the king of sports) in the full knowledge that by the time of the gripping finish on Monday or Tuesday I'll be stuck in the office.
  8. I am extremely conscious of and keen on the concept of good, local , slow food. Nevertheless I often find myself defrosting some pre-prepared filth in the microwave. To quote Val Kilmer's Doc Holiday "It seems my hypocrisy knows no bounds"
I think however that all the people I read regularly have already been zapped with this meme (Mike's been nominated about 3 times and I'm really looking forward to Tom McKinney's take on this) so I will have to break the 3rd rule and hope this doesn't leave you feeling flat.....



Sandra said...

Think this is a cool little meme so I will help you along by participating and tagging a whole new line of people. Come and see at (tomorrow, since I have to go cook for the kids tonight)

tai haku said...

Oops - missed this comment somehow. I'm looking forward to your (and everyone else's) 8 Sandra - this is a cool meme.