Wednesday, July 11, 2007

I'm with Vince [possibly]

So one of the joys of living on one Caribbean island is that its easy to visit others and one of the nicest things about all island chains is endemics which is why I found myself in the pouring rain halfway up a mountainside in St. Vincent. I was, of course, looking for St. Vincent's endemic amazon; the St. Vincent Parrot (scientifically Amazon guildingii locally the Vincy).


Now I should stress I was somewhat hindered in my quest by a number of factors. Firstly my parrot watching experience is limited to Rose-ringed Parakeets on London's bird feeders; rainforest is something else. Secondly the trail is a long one through the parrot habitat but I had little time as we were losing the light. Thirdly I'd been unable to secure a local guide on short notice and fourthly it had just started to absolutely pour with rain. However I was having a great time checking out tiny frogs and giant snails on the path and weaving through the giant tree ferns on my quest.


Parrot Lookout point (sponsored by the excellent local beer!)

Watching birds; any birds in the dense forest was really hard. Eventually, absolutely soaked having removed my shirt and wrapped it around my camera to keep the moisture out, I made it to the parrot viewpoint. I waited for a while watching the blackhawks circle over a far tree and hoped for a parrot to emerge squawking. No squawks rang out but a tiny call did draw my attention to a branch 30 feet or so away. A small bird was singing - Whistling warbler! St. Vincent's other endemic of interest. I sat in the rain watching the tiny bird defiantly singing out before giving up and trudging my way out of the forest. On my way out a distinctly parrot shaped silhouette squawked once and disappeared out of sight in the canopy. Was it a Vincy? Perhaps. Was I disappointed in the view? A little. Was I disappointed in the experience? Not at all. I'd gone out into the forest, seen what there was to see and come back and sometimes that's what its all about.

More on St. Vincent Parrots to come soon.


The Clown said...

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Patrick Belardo said...

Sounds like a great experience. I can't wait to bird in the Caribbean.