Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The shark orgy post

Ok so I've teased this long enough. This is a gravid female Port Jackson Shark - Heterodontus portusjacksonii - a member of the family called horn sharks (I'm going to try and keep the innuendos to the minimum) and she is to quote her fellow Australian, the late Steve Irwin, a goregous sheila.


How do I know she's gorgeous? Well check out the line of suitors below!


In all seriousness the sharks above are a mix of male and female but mostly female. When I arrived in Jervis Bay, NSW where these were taken I couldn't dive for the first 2 days. A walk on the beach revealed a lot of Port Jackson eggs washed up by the storms. When I got into the water on dive 1 I found these huge aggregations of spawning or post-spawning sharks everywhere (sharks can be sexed by the males external claspers and the females were all massively fat or stick thin). In all I saw about 3-400 of these chaps (they're hard to keep count of) over the dives and 3 other species of sedentary sharks. It was awesome but like so many other things simply due to being in the right place at the right time.


T. Beth said...

Yikes! With so many sharks, it's lucky that they were a bit tired from spawning (unless they are normally a sedentary species).

Sandra said...

Great photos. I love your site. I am an ecology maj. at Rutgers University, NJ. I am also a very amature nature photographer so I love to come and see all your great pictures. Come and visit me over at Blue Frog Hollow (

Amy said...

Why keep innuendos to a minimum? Let 'em rip!

Thanks for the interesting and educational post.