Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Tuesday Nudi - The enormous white edition

Those of you who are fans of the Wind aspects of Earth, Wind & Water (ie the birds) may recognise aspects of the latin name of Ardeadoris egretta. Thats because Ardea and Egretta are two genuses (genera?geniii?) of birds, specifically herons and those big fluffy white egrets. What does an Indo-pacific seaslug have in common with big fluffy white egrets? Well, see for yourself:

white nudi

This nudi is not that common but fairly easy to spot - its huge! The all white body can make it a pain to photograph as the white shows up the blue cast to the light or burns out easily under strobes. The upside is its so massive (for a nudi - perhaps 3-4 inches) that you can give up and switch too extreme close-ups.


For those intrigued, the shark orgy is on deck as the next post. In the meantime thoughts on the new look header and widgets would be welcomed as they're still on probation.


T. Beth said...

I love your nudi pics! ;-)

Nudibranchs are such attractive creatures.

Amy said...

Very cool nudi.

Thoughts on the header: If the title appeared in a smaller font on one line above the rocks, it would be easier for my eyes to read. If the description appeared lower, below the rocks, it would be easier for my eyes to read. Other eyes may vary (c:

tai haku said...

Thanks beth - loved your bat photos the other day btw.

Amy I agree 100% on both text issues hence its probationary status. I can't alter it how I like it in blogger so am going to try and put a nicer font on the image itself when I get chance.