Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Best Birches

A little tree growing advice from Tai Haku today......

Birches make excellent garden trees - they cast light shade, grow well but are manageable and look good year round - they also tend to offer a bit of tucker for wildlife in the northern hemisphere. The main feature we enjoy ornamental birches for, whichever of the inumerable beautiful species, clones and varieties we favour, is that bark - so why have one stem of it when you can have three?


Birches can be persuaded to multistem pretty easily but, if you can't find a nice multistemmed specimen of the type you want, you can always plant 3 small birches alongside each other for the same effect. I keep saying 3 because 5 is too many and for some reason even numbers of trunks look stupid (hey - I don't make the rules but it's true).

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