Friday, February 16, 2007

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As Bubba in Forrest Gump pointed out there are lots of possibilites with shrimps. So as promised here's some more. In fact more anemone dwelling shrimp. Unlike our most recent decapod. These two, both in the genus Periclemenes, both prefer long tentacles anemones either Curlycues or Condylactus. The first one showing this distinctive saddle pattern amidst its blotched transparency is Periclemenes yucatanicus:

shrimp - Periclemenes yucatanicus

I only see this one here at one site. By contrast this is a far more common Periclemenes; the lines rather than blotches indicate Pederson's shrimp - which has featured on this site before:


Because I can't resist taking pictures of transparent shrimp amidst funny shaped tentacles there will be yet more to come. Not only caribbean but also pacific Periclemenes. Stay tuned shrimp fans.

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