Saturday, February 10, 2007


I found this tiny chap hiding in a Ricordia yuma mushroom coral the other day whilst snorkelling. Commensal shrimps are fairly common around the world but I've never seen this one before


MC said...

Tai - your photographs are beautiful.

I didn't realize you took them yourself. If I had, I would have asked for your permission before using one. If you want me to remove it, please let me know.

tai haku said...

Thanks MC - Yep - I took everything on here except for those 2 seal shots the other day. I'm honoured you used one and don't mind at all but thanks for letting me know.

BTW - great IATB presentation this time. One of the best we've had.

wyldthang said...

I really like this picture, it has a lot of interesting things to look at, and I really have a sense of the environment of the shrimp(like what a shrimp lives in), without being distracted by too much outside detail. Tells the shrimp's story. THanks!

tai haku said...

thanks wyldthang. Ricordia yuma is a big flat sociable corallimorph that reminds me of a floppy flat headed ranunculus flower. I'll be posting another commensal shrimp later in the week thats a bit different.