Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Things that make life better.

Gap in your garden? Possibly caused by the previous house owner using a weird crenulated paving pattern? Bang some chives in it. I got these from a supermarket because chives in a pot to use in a kitchen once cost less than chives in a pot to plant in your garden and use indefinitely (they're the same Allium just a different target audience and price point). Within a few weeks they'd turned from a dayglo green to a nice chivey shade of blue. Within a few more weeks they were covered with flowers. That will become relevant momentarily.


Recently I reordered my kitchen to make what I'm calling a salad prep. station. The key bit of date to take from this picture is that little carousel of oil/vinegar bottles.

You see a key part of making an awesome salad is the awesome salad dressing. Sometimes you're gonna wanna make something special other times you just wanna chuck some oil and vinegar on some leaves and eat 'em. Of course the more awesome the oil and vinegar, the more awesome the salad. The dark purple one in the picture above is blackberry vinegar.  You basically dump a load of blackberries in some vinegar and then after a few weeks you strain it and then boil it with some sugar. The result is balsamic-esque. Full details of how to do it are here and here it is brewing.

blackberry vinegar

Meanwhile back to the chives. You see one of those bottles was still empty and as soon as I saw the chives budding up I knew what I was going to make. Chive blossom vinegar. Details here at Jax House.

 Chive vinegar

Mine is still brewing but is already starting to have an onion-y tinge to it and will need straining in a couple of weeks. Meanwhile I've left enough flowers for the bees and butterflies to enjoy.

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