Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Magic Eye Reveal

If you said "some rock" you were, technically, right.  If you said "some rock art" high5 yourself. If you said "an outline of a pleistocene bison carved into rock a long long time ago" then respect and/or you cheated. Eitherway this is what we were looking at yesterday with the addition of some helpful pink lines....

bison reveal

This is one of the UK's only pieces of pre-historic cave art and it's from Creswell Crags in Derbyshire. We'll get into some of the other beasties that roamed there not so very long ago in the near future (hint OMG - big carnivores in the UK; nature geek out stuff) but this is a bison (or I suppose more accurately a wisent?).

One of the things with cave art I always notice is how, even though it may not look particularly like the animal in question, it often highlights the things that are distinctive about the animal (the jizz of the animal would be a good way of describing this for birders). The line of that shoulder and related size and position of the head just screams bison (as opposed to say "cow") to me. Creswell is a beautiful little site and as the home of Britain's only significant cave art is well worth a look if you're nature, prehistory or even paleo/primally oriented. Some really cool stuff to look at and a really neat little museum housing artifacts and fossils. More on the fossils soon.

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