Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The first lion

The big truck used for night drives by the parks board felt less intimate than the small 6 person jeep we'd ridden in all day....until the shout came. Someone on the other side saw of the jeep saw it first and yelled "Lion on the right". The driver stopped and presumably wondered how he'd missed it. It was huge after all.

A giant male with a thick mane striding towards us through the short grass dwarfing the landscape somehow.


He kept walking, eyes on the truck at all times. He came close enough to allow us to see the scars on his nose and muzzle and the patch on his rear as he turned broadside.


Eventually after staring through us for what seemed an eternity he turned away and sniffed the air.


Something new caught his attention and away he strode leaving a truckload of mindblown tourists.


Elephant's Eye said...

You must have been quite close. Or a good telephoto? Where are you on holiday?

tai haku said...

EE - I was close enough I didn't need the good telephoto. He decided to walk straight past the bus. We were in Kruger.