Tuesday, October 18, 2011

trigger finger

I don't think we've had a triggerfish on E,W&W before. It's not that I haven't seen plenty of spectacular triggers - it's just that when it comes to getting a broadside photo; they can be kind of difficult. OK very difficult. Borderline offensive.

I'm not sure why but at least part of the issue is that they are very laterally compressed, so if you don't get them side on you get none of that patterning. Which is irritating as there are at least 3 species in the red sea alone that are genuinely beautiful and worth sharing. Imagine my joy therefore at getting this passable shot of an Assasi Trigger.

assasi trigger

This fish is also known as the Red Sea Picasso Trigger due to it's close resemblance of the true Picasso Trigger or Humu of Hawaii (and its cubist looking paint job). Pretty ain't it?

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