Monday, October 17, 2011

The snake that got away

Riding around Hato el Cedral in the Venezuelan Llanos a few years back in one of their open-backed safari trips I caught a glimpse of something moving through the trees and yelled out. By the time we'd backed up and found what I was looking for the moment was pretty much gone.....

snake that got away

The beastie in question was well into the hole by the time I saw him the first time and I sure as hell wasn't gonna try and get him out. This is, I'm pretty sure, a terrible look at an awesome snake. I believe this is the tail of the awesomely named Machete Savane (scientifically Chironius carinatus). This beastie gets up to 3 metres and is a fast moving, aggressive, arboreal constrictor feeding on birds, frogs, snakes and small mammals. For now, this is the best look I've got at one.

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