Thursday, December 02, 2010


So, if we ignore all those that were eaten raw, thrown into cooking at the time or which remin in the freezer, here's the final stash of chilli produce:

This year's pepper produce

Not huge amounts of stuff but plenty to keep me going for now (and I've got more peppers in the freezer for when this lot runs out. So what is all the above? Well.....

Pumpkin, cranberry and red chilli chutney

There's 5 jars of this. This is pumpkin, cranberry and red chilli chutney. I started this from this recipe. My version has a lot more chilli in the form of 10 pods of the variety "Fish" and 8 pods of the giant sweet Aji I grew this year "Dedo de Mocha". It also took a lot more vinegar than that recipe to get the consistency I wanted (I may have started a bit too hot).

The yellow jars are the Salsa made from Lemon Drop pods I posted previously. I used this recipe from William Woys Weaver. This one is absolutely sensational, especially with grilled fish. I'm hoping my lemon drops overwinter well so I can get a big harvest of these next year and make a lot more of this.

Lastly 2 different hot sauces:

Homemade Chilli Sauces

I made these using the recipe by Chilliman64 in the second post here. To mix things up I made a double batch of the base, split it in 2 and then added Orange Habs to one and Trinidad Perfume to the other. The Orange Hab one is just a nice hot sauce but the Trinidad Perfume one is really nice. Totally mild but with a really really strong flavour. I'm definitely going to be experimenting some more next year to make an even better "heatless hot sauce".

Anyway that's the lot. Small scale by some standards but I'm in sauce for now and I've got much bigger plans for 2011 now I've got the chilli bug.

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