Monday, October 11, 2010

Sorry - it's been a while

Work went crazy (19 hour day crazy) and now my home DSL line is playing up. I'm writing this whilst catching up online in a coffee shop. The upside of no home internet is it gave me time to do things like make this:

salsa di aji limo

That there is two jars of an amazing Peruvian Aji Limo salsa made to this recipe from William Woys Weaver and it is what became of all my "Lemon Drop" Aji chilli peppers. A couple of tips:
  1. Lemon Drop is definitely a hot enough pepper to burn your hands if you are chopping a lot so a) wear gloves or b) wash your hands with oil immediately afterwards or c) both. I ignored a similar warning on the recipe and it hurt;
  2. This tastes awesome, you should totally grow this pepper and then make this salsa.
  3. Apparently a finely chopped lemon drop makes home-made ice-cream unforgettable. I haven't tried this but the dairy should combat the heat and let the flavour through so it sounds worth trying.


Ben and Carrie Tracks said...

Just stumbled upon your blog and we couldn't be happier! Wildlife Field Biologists, we traveled to Peru for awhile doing Altitudinal Bird Migration Research in the Andes/Amazon and had this salsa while there. SOO good. Can't wait to recreate it. Thanks for sharing, and we look forward to following your blog - your photos are outstanding. :)

Keetha Denise Broyles said...

Ah-ha! But did you PUT the salsa in "Home Interiors" candle jars? At least they sure do LOOK like HI jars!

tai haku said...

Ben and Carrie - I hope you do try the salsa; it's delicious but as I've not been to Peru I'm a) very jealous of your experience and b) intrigued as to whether it tastes anything like the Peruvian version.

Keetha - we don't have a Home Interiors here but they are probably the same jar!