Friday, November 26, 2010

Focal point

The eye is rather drawn to the male cone on this Dioon mejiae n'est-ce pas?

dioon mejiae4

It's a specimen grown in a bit of shade which may account for the somewhat stretched leaves. It's nice for once to post a cycad and be able to say it is doing well in the wild. D. mejiae is native to Honduras and, whilst plants are being lost to habitat clearances, burns and general degredation, its thought there may be as many as 1 million wild adult plants there making it perhaps the most abundant wild cycad in the world.

dioon mejiae3

As that earlier link also shows this is up there with the giant cycads in size as well as abundant. With trunks up to 10 metres this is a genuine tree of a cycad. Big plant, big population, general awesomeness. Nice.

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