Thursday, November 25, 2010

Another ancient...

Monday's Ginkgo wasn't the only survivor of prehistory in that little public garden......


This is a Podocarpus, I think perhaps Podocarpus salignus - the long-leaved Manio. Podocarps are fairly primitive conifers which once formed primal forests across the southern supercontinent Godwana. Continental drift and evolution of more modern species has left about 150 Podocarpus species spread across strongholds in South America, Australasia and the Southern African countries with a few remaining in Asia, the Caribbean and Central America. In the UK this forms a small mop-headed tree with a rather different looking foliage to what one might expect.

podocarpus leaf detail

With its small size and predictable shape this is another ancient tree whose tolerance of ranging conditions makes it an ideal specimen for the urban park or garden.

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